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The Company

The company you choose for your bathroom remodel DOES matter. Even the best product will fail if not installed properly, and unprofessional standards can ruin a remodeling experience very quickly.

America’s Bath has built a great reputation as the exclusive company to contact for Cultured Stone and for our professionalism from start to finish.

We are a group of people who come to work every day to give our customers a great experience.   Our customers have invited us into their homes and we have an obligation to provide them with what they paid for.

Our founder, Douglas Boncosky, chooses integrity over profit.   “We have one simple goal and that is to deliver to the customer what they paid for”  If we take care of the customer by delivering great products that will perform and stand up to time installed with my own team members, we will not only have happy customers but also happy team members who feel good about the work they do.”

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The Products

America’s Bath is not a franchise or manufacturer, but a growing company focused on delivering value with products that have a history of performance.  We can offer any product in the marketplace, we could be a dealer or franchise of any manufacturer, but we have carefully selected Cultured Stone as our primary product of choice for shower pans and walls.   

Cultured Stone is highly crushed stone and marble combined with high-quality resins – strong, beautiful, and lifetime durability. It’s also very easy to clean. 

Our #1 recommendation is to actually SEE and FEEL Cultured Stone for yourself. The difference between cheap acrylic solutions will be instantly obvious to you when you compare them up close. You’ll also be amazed that this solution is just as beautiful as traditional tile replacement – a solution that costs tens of thousands of dollars more.

We’ll bring samples to you. Just ask for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote, and we promise a fun and pressure-free bathroom remodeling shopping experience.


The People

Our people are important to us as it’s our people who work together to deliver to the customer what they paid for. Certainly, in construction, there will be problems, but what separates America’s Bath is our people and how we have trained to deal with those problems.

Our installation teams are employees who receive health benefits, PTO, and everything else one would want from an employer.   This allows them to focus on their role of doing great quality work in our customers’ homes. Time and time again, our public reviews illustrate how great our installers are.

Don't Take Our Word For It

We Love Delivering On The Promise We Made Our Customer

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Our Customers Are Happy

The common theme we hear in all our surveys and verbal feedback is how we did what we said and how professional the installers were.

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