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America’s Bath Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

America’s Bath Company is in the business of replacing tubs/showers, converting tubs to showers, converting showers to tubs, and the installation of walk-in tubs.

America’s Bath Company warrants to the Buyer that the products it offers will be installed to manufacturer specifications and the installation workmanship will be free from defects in accordance with industry standards/practices.

Buyer must maintain all systems and components in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Buyer must notify America’s Bath Company promptly upon discovering a defect.

This warranty extends to the original purchaser/homeowner (“Buyer”) and to the first party thereafter who has purchased the home from the original purchaser/homeowner. Rental/Commercial installations are not covered by this warranty.

Coverage under this warranty is for the lifetime of the original purchaser/homeowner and is transferable to the first party thereafter for a period of 7 years from the original installation date or such time that the first party thereafter no longer holds title to the home, whichever occurs first.

All workmanship related to the products sold by and installed by America’s Bath Company in the “wet area” of the bathroom is covered by this warranty. The “wet area” is defined as the immediate tub/shower area that is inclusive of a plumbing valve and a drain. Work performed outside the wet areas comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty. America’s Bath Company will replace or repair the workmanship issue in question. America’s Bath Company reserves the right to substitute materials it believes are of equal value when necessary to make such repairs.

All warranties assume normal and reasonable use of products or components. America’s Bath Company does not warranty any customer-provided product and/or any defect that may occur related to a customer-provided product. This warranty does not cover acts of God (i.e., force majeure) including damage caused by storm, wind, fire, lightning, or other natural disasters. This warranty does not cover damage caused by vandalism, casualty, insects, rodents, mold, or other damage not directly related to installation workmanship. Installation, removal, painting, repair, adjustment, tampering, or reinstallation of any products or components other than America’s Bath Company voids any and all warranties within this document and America’s Bath Company expressly disclaims any liability for any costs, defects, or damages with respect to such actions. This warranty does not cover routine maintenance. This warranty does not cover any of the following items except as provided for herein:

Caulking – America’s Bath Company will provide touch-up caulk within 3 months of installation if required at no additional charge. If the caulk develops mildew as a result of fruity shampoos or lack of cleaning as outlined on page 13, the customer understands this is not a warranty or manufacturer issue and subsequently will be charged for services by America’s Bath Company at current published rates. Manufacturer warranty applies to caulk.

Door Gaskets – Shower glass door gaskets on shower doors installed by America’s Bath Company are not covered under this warranty and are considered routine maintenance. We can replace door gaskets at additional costs based on current material costs and our current published repair rates.

Custom Shower Glass – Custom shower glass purchased from America’s Bath Company is not covered under this warranty since the Buyer has asked America’s Bath Company to be the Buyer’s agent in contracting with a third party for the installation of the custom shower glass and subsequently, any warranty for custom shower glass is provided by third-party.

This warranty may not be changed or modified except in writing and signed by an authorized officer of America’s Bath Company.

All products installed by America’s Bath Company have warranties provided by those manufacturers and subsequently, those warranties will apply to those products. America’s Bath Company will assist the buyer where possible should there be a defect in a manufacturer’s
product; however, the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for its warranty and its warranty procedure applies.

Within a reasonable period after having received a claim, America’s Bath Company will schedule an appointment to inspect the premises and the warranty claim. If after inspection, America’s Bath Company determines that a valid claim exists, America’s Bath Company will repair, re-install, and replace, the failing product or service, at America’s Bath Company’s option. Replacement of a product or component does not renew the warranty period. No warranties are valid unless and until the Buyer has made full payment under the original sales contract and all addenda thereto. Non-warranty calls for repair, maintenance, or adjustment may result in a service charge.

These warranties are the only express warranties provided by America’s Bath Company. No employee, representative, agent, or any other person, has authority to assume or incur on behalf of America’s Bath Company any obligation, liability, or responsibility in place of or in addition to these warranties. America’s Bath Company’s liability to the Buyer under this warranty is limited to the amounts received by America’s Bath Company for services rendered under the sales contract with the buyer. In no event shall America’s Bath Company be obligated or liable for incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind for the breach of any warranty
of America’s Bath Company‘s services.


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