Shower Replacements

The ultimate shower awaits you.  Customize this new easy to clean shower to your taste and style with the many options we have available for you.  Your body and your eyes will thank you! 

You Deserve A Change, Go Ahead

Within a day or two, we can replace your existing shower and walls with brand new.

Our professional design consultants will walk you through all of these options to help you create your dream bath.  Once that is complete, they can then present you with a written estimate right on the spot.


Shower Pans

Pan options galore.   Standard sizes, custom sizes, 3 different pan heights plus the ability to create zero barrior entry pans to accomodate a wheel chair.   


Wall Color & Style

Personalize with 60 colors and 5 differenet wall finishes including smooth, wavy tile, subway tile, 12 x 12 stone pattern or matte.


Storage & Accessories

Storage includes small and large caddies or recessed niches all of which can handle large bottle sizes.   Accesories include crown molding or other decrotive options. 



Choose from multiple Moen products which include multiple trim styles, rain heads, hand showers (hand helds), diverters, colors, and more.  (We exclusively offer Moen because we almost never have funcationality problems that lead to warranty calls unlike other well know name brands)


Water Protection

Shower sliding doors are availabe in a standard height or extra tall.   Choose from a variety of glass styles.   Or, you can opt for a straight rod if you plan to use a shower curtain. 


Safety Options

Grab bars at point of entry and on the side wall add an extra level of protection against slips and falls. 

Fast Facts On Showers

The Bouncy Shower Pan

If you have ever stood in a bathtub or shower pan that bounces, it’s because it was installed wrong.  Acrylic and Fiberglass shower pans all have gaps between the pan bottom and your subfloor because of the feet these pans have.   This gap is supposed to be filled with a mortar bed to help level and set the pan which then prevents the bounce you experience.

What often happens in a 1 day shower replacement scenario is that these shower pans are often not set in a mortar bed because of time or set in the bed but not left to cure as the install team is walking on it thus disrupting the curing process.

At America’s Bath, we use solid cultured stones pans that will never bounce.   These pans are available in all the colors to match walls, but the quality of the pan is such that you will not bounce or see it crack after years of use.

Don't Take Our Word For It

We Love Delivering On The Promise We Made Our Customer

Our Customer's Are Happy

The common theme we hear in all our surveys and verbal feed back is how we did what we said and how professional the installers were.