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Other Companies Were Too Pushy And Were Offering An Inferior Product

For “About The Same Price,” The Posavecs Got A Much Better Solution

When the Posavecs were shopping for a shower replacement, they got quotes from several companies.

John was put off by the sales tactics of the 3 other companies he contacted.

“They were all the same,” John said. “They all said, ‘Oh you’ve got to buy today.’ One even stormed out and said, ‘I’m not going to come back.’” 

Besides the pushy sales tactics, John also was not impressed with the products. 

“The others were all selling plastic,” John said.

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Another thing the Posavecs noticed was the pricing.

For a similar price, they could get a beautiful new Cultured Stone shower replacement instead of an acrylic liner.

“Cultured Stone quality looks better,” John said. “We could get it for about the same price as the plastic.”

The other thing the Posavecs liked about America’s Bath solution was that it was fast. John said the speed was as fast as acrylic liner, but for a better, full replacement solution.

“How fast it could get done was also a factor [in choosing America’s Bath]” John said.

AN AMERICA’S BATH ADVANTAGE: Cultured Stone costs just a bit more than flimsy acrylic liners, but you get full replacement of your bath or shower. The results are much more beautiful. 

The Posavecs also liked the professionalism of America’s Bath.

“I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and things were good there,” John said.

He also noted that he liked how the installers went about their jobs. 

“The guys that were working on it were very professional,” John said. 

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Now that they have a beautiful new shower with Cultured Stone, the Posavecs are very pleased with the end result.

John noted that they decided to replace an old 4-sided shower with a 3-wall unit with a glass sliding door. “It looks a lot bigger,” John said. 

Overall, choosing America’s Bath lead to the results the Posavecs wanted.

“We’re really happy with it,” John said.

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