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The Stunning Beauty Of Cultured Stone Convinced Her It Was The Right Choice

She Also Loved America’s Bath No-Stress Quote Process

When Susan Blumer saw the beauty of Cultured Stone at an America’s Bath booth at a show in Rosemont, IL, the beauty of Cultured Stone really caught her eye.

“It wasn’t the plastic look like you see in those pre-formed things they put over your old bath,” Susan said.

Susan wanted to get rid of her step-in whirlpool tub and convert it into a more accessible walk-in shower, so she made an appointment to get a quote from America’s Bath.

Susan ended up enjoying the quote process.

“He [the consultant] was wonderful. It wasn’t at all like talking to a used car salesman,” she said. “He was really knowledgeable, and he brought in all the colors that I could choose from.”

Susan also liked that she was given an exact quote during the very first visit.

“He told me the price for everything and there’s no surprises,” she said.

AN AMERICA’S BATH ADVANTAGE: Our consultations are friendly, and we educate you on why Cultured Stone is the best value in bathroom remodeling. We also don’t play pricing games – everything is transparent with no hidden fees.

Next up for Susan was installation day. She found the installers to be friendly and very concerned to get the details right.

“They would call me in to make sure what they were doing would make sense for me,” Susan said. “They asked me about the angles of the grab bar placement, and how high a seat was in the shower, and the placement of shelves. It was obvious they cared about what they do.”

Susan also commented that the installers were careful about respecting her home.

“They got here right when they said they would,” she said. “They put tarps down everywhere and they didn’t leave dirt behind.”

AN AMERICA’S BATH ADVANTAGE: Our installers are experienced experts and they care about the details. They are also courteous and good communicators.

Now that her new walk-in shower is installed, Susan is thrilled with the results.

“It is very solid, very well put together,” she said. “You can tell it’s going to last a lifetime.”

She is also happy with the accessibility of her new walk-in shower and with the added safety features like grab bars.

“I loved my tub when I was younger, but it was time for a walk-in shower,” Susan said. “I like the safety now and the accessibility for the future.”

Most of all, she loves the beauty of Cultured Stone.

“I’m really happy with how it looks,” Susan said. “It is much better than pre-formed acrylic.”

AN AMERICA’S BATH ADVANTAGE: Our Cultured Stone bath replacement solutions have it all: beauty, affordability, speed, and accessible options. Homeowners love the results. 

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