It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Absolutely Beautiful Without The Outrageous Cost…
Cultured Stone Is The Best Material For Bathroom Remodels.

Crystal Lake Homeowners Love Our Bathroom Remodeling Results

Exceptional bathroom remodels don’t happen by accident. They take attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and the finest materials.

It’s the reason why we use a unique material called Cultured Stone for bathroom remodels.

Traditional bathroom remodels use a full tile replacement method. This is the ‘gut everything’ and ‘start over from scratch’ method. Tile can be beautiful, but it also is notoriously slow and difficult to install – which can send your remodeling budget through the roof. Especially in the wrong contractor’s hands.

Here’s a better way: Cultured Stone. We can install it in 1 day, keeping your budget WAY lower than with a traditional remodel while still ending up with results that are unquestionably beautiful.

Cultured Stone is a highly crushed stone and marble combined with high-quality resins, which makes this easy to clean and lifetime durable.

We’ll bring samples to you wherever you live in and around Crystal Lake. Once homeowners see this product for themselves, they want it in their new bathroom!

Cultured Stone Compared to Traditional Remodeling Methods

Installing Cultured Stone is fast. America’s Bath can install your beautiful new Cultured Stone bathroom in just one or two days. That’s a full replacement – a brand new beautiful bath – in just a day or so – not weeks or months of a more traditional remodel.

Our way also avoids the sky-high prices of traditional bathroom remodelers, but without comprising on beauty and style. Our Cultured Stone solution comes in 50 styles and 6 colors!

You’ll love our installers, too. They’re always receiving fantastic comments in our Better Business Bureau reviews. These true professionals know exactly what they are doing, while also being friendly and respectful.

America’s Bath is true peace-of-mind for homeowners in Crystal Lake who want a fast and affordable bathroom remodel. Remodel your bathroom once and then never worry about it again!

Acrylic Liners For Bathroom Remodels In Crystal Lake – Good Idea?

If you do want a 1 Day bathroom remodel you do have another option besides America’s Bath. Many Crystal Lake bathroom remodelers offer acrylic liners that can be installed in a day.

But acrylic liners don’t replace your old tub or shower – they just cover it with a flimsy piece of acrylic.

Sometimes homeowners settle for acrylic liners because they think they are the only way to keep costs reasonable. But our solution is very reasonably priced, too, but without the drawbacks.

Problems with acrylic liners:

  • They typically come in only two colors – white and off white. Pretty blah.
  • Underlying issues will just get worse over time since acrylic liners just cover your old tub and walls instead of replacing them.
  • Specific problems include air being trapped between the liner and tub, poor seals, or moisture getting trapped behind the liner causing mold and mildew issues.

Using Cultured Stone completely replaces your old tub or shower, instead of just covering up old problems – or creating new ones. Here’s why Cultured Stone is a better solution than acrylic liners too:

  • It’s simply beautiful – homeowners are amazed at how it looks. More beautiful than flimsy acrylic liners. Especially with 60 colors and 5 styles to choose from.
  • It’s fast – most full bath replacements are completed in a day, two at the most.
  • It’s very reasonably priced. It will save you literally tens of thousands of dollars compared to the traditional ‘gut everything’ method, but only costs a bit more than flimsy acrylic liners.

The Job Done Right, On Time, And Exactly As Promised.
(We Really Don’t Know Any Other Way.)

If you live in Crystal Lake, choose the full replacement bathroom company that does keeps its promises from start to finish.

We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics, and you’ll notice a difference in professionalism from the moment we arrive for your free bathroom remodeling consultation and quote.

Bathroom Remodel Financing In Crystal Lake

Many Crystal Lake homeowners enjoy the option of being able to make monthly payments. We offer the most budget-friendly way to pay for your new bathroom in Crystal Lake. We make applying and getting approvals easy and fast.

What Our Customers Say…

“America’s Bath Company was friendly, thorough and have a great product. The cultured stone gives every feature we could want.”

—Nancy G.

“This company is a ten. The people are polite, not pushy, and knowledgeable. We love our new shower.”

—Patricia G.

“In our 63 years of marriage and dealing with contractors, America’s Bath Company has been the best and most honest contractor we have ever dealt with. Everything that was told to us happened!”

—Dagmar H.

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