It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Chicagoland’s Top Bathroom Remodeling Results…
Absolutely Beautiful And Done In 1 Day

Why Our 1-Day Solutions Are Much Better Than Acrylic Liners

America’s Bath offers a unique 1 Day bathroom remodeling solution for Chicagoland homeowners. We install Cultured Stone, an absolutely beautiful material that lasts a lifetime.

It is also surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the sky-high prices of traditional bathroom remodelers.

It’s fast, too. America’s Bath can install your beautiful new bath in one or two days – we’re as fast as the ‘1 Day Acrylic Liner’ companies, but we do a full replacement, not just a covering up of your old tub. We don’t cover it – we replace it!

When you choose America’s Bath and our beautiful Cultured Stone product, you’re also getting a Lifetime Guarantee on the product and workmanship. It’s peace of mind that you can do this once, and then never worry about it again. Get it done and enjoy your beautiful new bathroom in your Chicagoland home!

Common Issues With Other 1-Day Bathroom Remodels

Are we the only Chicagoland bathroom remodeler offering 1-Day makeovers?

No we are not. But most of the other remodelers offering 1 Day solutions are going to try to sell you on an acrylic liner. The biggest problem with acrylic liners is that they are good at hiding problems rather than solving them.

Acrylic liners don’t replace your old tub or shower – they just cover it with a thin piece of acrylic. That will hide any underlying problems causing them to get worse over time.

With acrylic liners, the installation also has to be perfect (and it almost never is.)

Problems include air being trapped between the liner and tub, poor seals, or moisture getting trapped behind the liner causing mold and mildew issues (that can cause health issues.)

Plus, many Chicagoland also homeowners report feeling like the floor of their tub/shower ends up spongy and harder to stand on after installing a liner. That can create unsafe issues for folks with mobility issues.

We do things differently. Our solution features beautiful Cultured Stone, not a liner. And we fully replace your old tub or shower – taking everything down to the studs. You’ll love the results!

Highlights Of Our Cultured Stone Bathroom Remodeling Solution

Here’s what Chicagoland homeowners can expect with our solution:

  • It’s simply beautiful – homeowners are amazed at how it looks. Just as beautiful as a typical tub and tile replacement full tear-out remodel. Especially with 60 colors and 5 styles to choose from.
  • It’s fast – most full bath replacements are completed in a day, two at the most.
  • It’s very reasonably priced. It will save you literally tens of thousands of dollars compared to the traditional ‘gut everything’ method, but only costs a bit more than flimsy acrylic liners.

Fair and Honest Bathroom Remodeling Quotes In Chicagoland

We give you a precise quote, calculated in a fair and professional way and let YOU decide. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, pricing games, or camping out in your house until you agree to choose us. We treat every customer the exact same way – with respect. Getting a new bathroom should be fun! Not stressful.

Bathroom Remodel Financing In Chicagoland

Many Chicagoland homeowners enjoy the option of being able to make monthly payments. We offer the most budget-friendly way to pay for your new bathroom in Chicagoland. We make applying and getting approvals easy and fast.

What Our Customers Say…

“America’s Bath Company was friendly, thorough and have a great product. The cultured stone gives every feature we could want.”

—Nancy G.

“This company is a ten. The people are polite, not pushy, and knowledgeable. We love our new shower.”

—Patricia G.

“In our 63 years of marriage and dealing with contractors, America’s Bath Company has been the best and most honest contractor we have ever dealt with. Everything that was told to us happened!”

—Dagmar H.

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