What’s in a Name

When I first started out, I named my company “Stamilton Property Investments” because I had a rental house.      Stamilton came from combining the last names of the two main characters (Stevens & Hamilton) of a book titled the “Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall.   Was a great book that I recommend reading as I felt I could related to some of the principals in the book relating to doing the right thing.

2010 – Sole Proprieter with Stamilton Property Investments (yes, I had a rental house)
2011 – Converted Sole Proprietor to Stamilton Property Investments LLC
2011 – Introduced a doing business as Stamilton Construction & Handyman
2014 – changed name to Stamilton Construction LLC
2016 – change name to Stamilton Baths LLC
2016 – changed branding to America’s Bath Company

In 2016, my business really began to grow and what we found with our increased marketing is that the Stamilton name was difficult to remember and pronounce.  After 2 months of playing around with names, in October 2016, we introduced America’s Bath Company.  I think the name is perfect as it reflects our commitment to using American Made Products installed by top quality American Workmanship.  We kept the logo, colors, and look the same as I really love what my graphics guy Ed put together.